How Cisco Partner Marketing More Than Doubled Their Engaged Audience

The Results With PathFactory


increase in content consumption


increase YoY in engaged audience


conversion rate on partners logging in


A need to improve the partner experience

Cisco’s partner network has over 60,000 global companies, and it accounts for more than 80% of Cisco’s annual revenue. This means that keeping partners educated on all offerings and products is mission-critical. Since Cisco has many disparate digital properties, it was difficult for partners to find the content they needed. The Global Partner Marketing team was tasked with increasing the digital marketing maturity of these companies. The team needed a scalable and simple way to better enable Cisco’s partners.


Enable partners with relevant and bingeable content experiences

The Global Partner Marketing team used Content Tracks to create bundles of content designed to educate partners, and enable them to market and sell Cisco products with ease and confidence. They drove over 400 partners to PathFactory Content Tracks that married multimedia content in one browser experience, including videos, PDF guides, and platform log-in capability. By reducing friction for partners to access content and log into the platform, the team saw a meaningful increase in content consumption, ultimately increasing platform adoption and marketing funds usage.

“PathFactory simplifies experiences for our partners by serving enablement content in bingeable, single-browser experiences. The simple-to-use interface and robust analytics make it easy to educate partners and understand behavior.”
Kelsey Doran
Former Marketing Technology Manager