How Fiix used content intelligence to accelerate prospects through the buyer’s journey & increase win rate by 70%

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increase in win rate


Fiix needed to deliver effective content to a wide range of audiences at scale, but standard data wasn’t up to the task.

Deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time — this has practically become a B2B marketing mantra. But how do you determine what’s relevant in a complex industry populated by a wide variety of buyers, each with wildly different problems to solve? Fiix Software (a Rockwell Automation Company) was familiar with the challenge. Successfully marketing its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software meant engaging with everyone from maintenance managers, technicians and mom and pop shops, all the way up to enterprise executives.

Lead nurturing was complicated even further by the fact that many prospects weren’t attached to their computers or smartphones 24-7, making it even harder to capture their interest in the first place. The marketers at Fiix couldn’t take any chances. To avoid playing “catch and release” with prospects’ hard-won attention, they needed to ensure every piece of content was relevant and accessible at each stage of the buyer’s journey. They knew this would be an impossible task with the surface-level data most marketers use, so it decided to dig deeper.


Fiix used content intelligence to unlock rich engagement data and laser-focus on impactful assets, while providing prospects with a seamless content experience

Fiix didn’t see any value in making prospects navigate confusing content mazes or haphazardly sorted blog posts, especially since half its website traffic came from Google search and competitors were just one back click away. Instead, Fiix bundled assets together into bingeable content tracks, enabling prospects to self-educate. At every interaction, Fiix used content intelligence to collect invaluable engagement data — like average viewing times, binge rates and form captures rates — to identify which assets were successfully moving prospects to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

Case in point: Fiix’s short introduction to preventive maintenance was created for top of funnel prospects, who were then seamlessly guided through subsequent assets as they moved from problem aware to solution aware. Using content intelligence to measure content engagement behavior enabled Fiix to pinpoint which assets had the biggest impact on purchase decisions. This invaluable insight informed future content strategy and provided an even deeper understanding of a diverse pool of buyers. At the same time, Fiix removed friction and barriers, freeing prospects to focus on the content itself, rather than the manual process of tracking down relevant information.

The results were astounding: Fiix’s win rate doubled with SMBs when prospects engaged with content tracks, and the average number of days to closed-won decreased by 20%. Since implementing content tracks across their site in 2020, Fiix also witnessed a consistent binge rate of 33%, with content tracks making it easier for prospects to access multiple pieces of relevant content in one sitting. With an average viewing time of almost 5 minutes, Fiix’s marketers could determine they were delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time — with evidence, rather than guesswork — and ultimately generate more pipeline and revenue. Overall, they improved Fiix’s win rate by 70% and deal velocity by 24%.

“The ability to tailor these experiences, and tailor that journey, and to fulfill the story for the prospect or the customer, is worth its weight in gold. It helps us improve our conversion rates, it helps us improve stickiness, it helps us deliver our content.”
Travis Wingate
VP Growth Marketing
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