ABM wins: How Invoca tripled engagement from target accounts

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The Results With PathFactory


increase in content engagement


increase in Average Contract Value (ACV) in only 2 years


hours of web developer time saved


Marketing and sales spent too much time engaging lower ACV accounts

The Invoca team had a long, complex sales cycle, And, with the inbound tactics they were using, sales reps spent too much time on lower value opportunities. They decided to implement an ABM strategy to address these issues; however, too many barriers in the customer journey resulted in low average engagement time with their content, preventing prospects at target accounts from self-educating enough. Ari and his team knew Invoca’s target accounts deserved an improved experience–free from barriers–to help them easily self-educate and fully understand the value of Invoca’s call analytics solution.


Help target accounts self-educate faster by removing barriers

Ari and his team shifted away from hard-gating content with forms. They use PathFactory to quickly and easily build ungated collections of relevant, seamless sequences of content (Content Tracks) to support different stages of the customer journey. This way, instead of following the tradi-tional method of sending one piece of content per week through a drip email nurture, truly interested prospects are free to binge on content thereby self-educating faster.

“Implementing PathFactory has completely changed the way we engage our target accounts. That ability to create account-specific content experiences has also greatly improved sales and marketing alignment.”
Ari Echt
Former Director of ABM
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