How Mandiant Increased New Leads 2X By Removing Friction For Their Buyers

The Results With PathFactory


increase in leads


increase in engagement from known website visitors


binge rate (visitors who consume more than 1 asset per session)


Buyers were left confused and stuck in friction-filled journeys

Buyers were left confused and a complex resource library, and one-and-done content experiences, buyers experienced endless friction as they tried to navigate the path to purchase. When David released the annual M-Trends Report, a premium asset, he worried that gating it would mean fewer readers. Finally, without robust content consumption data, David lacked the insight needed to assess campaign performance and create a better buyer experience.


Promote high value annual report with a better forms strategy

With PathFactory, the Mandiant team was able to ungate the M-Trends Report, making it easier for prospects to access the information they need without friction. Using a dismissable, time-based form that only appears after buyers spend meaningful time with the report ensures that truly qualified leads are identified and passed to sales in a timely manner. David now has access to a new class of data, including content consumption at the account level, which he uses to continuously optimize the buyer’s journey.

“PathFactory allows us to equip our buyers with everything they need to progress through their paths to purchase. Enabling buyers to consume more content has lead to a remarkable increase in pipeline in a short time.”
David Cheng
Marketing Operations Manager
David Cheng headshot