How Micro Focus transformed its thought leadership site into a high-value marketing asset

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The Results With PathFactory


TechBeacon’s direct contribution to MIO (marketing influenced opportunity) over past 7 quarters


MIO generated from TechBeacon source campaigns (initial engagement resulting in lead capture)


A heavy hitter in plain sight

Micro Focus had a word-class property sitting in its portfolio: TechBeacon. The thought leadership site offered deep, rich content from industry experts in app dev and testing, DevOps, enterprise IT and security.

TechBeacon supported Micro Focus’ range of enterprise software products as the first touch point in the consideration cycle. It relied on banners and promo links to drive visitors onto landing pages to gather contact info.

This approach wasn’t working. Visitors ignored the banners and bounced from the landing pages. With limited insights available, TechBeacon struggled to decipher the true interest and engagement levels of its visitors. At the same time, disjointed data from an old CRM made it impossible to accurately measure TechBeacon’s impact on the bottom line.

The result? TechBeacon was seen as a “nice to have”, rather than essential.


Using content intelligence to uncover true impact + supercharge user experience

TechBeacon already had exceptional content. Now it needed a user experience to match. Using PathFactory, TechBeacon organized content into “guides”: dedicated collections of articles built around a relevant gated asset. This new approach naturally integrated gated assets into the user experience as an invaluable resource, rather than an interruptive nuisance.

TechBeacon also deployed PathFactory’s content intelligence to untap a wealth of new data about their visitors and how they engaged with different content assets. Content intelligence further helped TechBeacon identify specific performance patterns, making it easier to predict which content assets would be more likely to stimulate interest.

PathFactory’s automated reporting distributed weekly updates to business stakeholders, expanding organizational awareness of TechBeacon. With proof of ROI and increased executive buy-in, TechBeacon ultimately demonstrated its ability to support business objectives. Guides have now been incorporated into the marketing strategy for all key Micro Focus product lines.

“PathFactory was a game-changer… Unlike Google Analytics data, the metrics that PathFactory provides are extremely detailed, even down to the individual visitor, which Google Analytics simply cannot do.”
Susan Salgy
Former Digital Strategy Consultant
Micro Focus
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