How Nokia reached over 70% of target accounts in a new market

The Results With PathFactory


target account list penetration

540 hrs

of additional asset view time vs. gated landing page

15 min

average engagement time for known visitors


Needed a new approach to engage millennial buyers at target accounts

With an audience of millennial buyers, Zsuzsanna and Gary knew that the traditional approach of gating single assets wouldn’t generate as much content engagement or convert enough leads to reach their goals. To make matters worse, they didn’t have a comprehensive way to identify the most engaged accounts, beyond just measuring clicks and downloads. The team needed a way to improve the buying journey to suit their target audience, as well as a new data set to accurately identify engaged accounts to pass over to sales.


Identify, engage & convert target accounts with Content Tracks & a better forms strategy

Zsuzsanna and Gary made PathFactory Content Tracks the destination for clicks across every channel. By providing target accounts with seamless bundles of relevant content, they were able to engage more accounts and convert more unknown visitors. They used engagement-based forms to convert unknown visitors by providing value upfront before asking prospects for a form fill. With Path Analytics, the team was able to pass account-specific content consumption data to sales to make it easy to accurately prioritize warm prospects.

“PathFactory has been instrumental in our account-targeting strategy. The platform’s content engagement analytics allow us to measure individual engagement at the account level, and uncover brand new target accounts.”
Zsuzsanna Blau –
Senior Manager, Global Enterprise Marketing Campaigns
Gary Holland –
Campaign Strategist, Enterprise Marketing