How Trupanion multiplied conversion rate 5X by optimizing channel spend


increase in content bingers


increase in average session time


increase in conversion rate


Lacked accurate data to determine which vendor drove pipeline and revenue

The Trupanion vet marketing team ran several paid media programs with a variety of vendors and paid per impression. But they had no way to determine the quality of those impressions beyond just clicks and subsequent formfills. That meant putting a lot of money and blind faith into programs that were not necessarily generating quality engagement or that would ultimately turn into sales. To make matters worse, each ad drove to a single asset, so even if a visitor was engaged they had no obvious next step or next best piece of content to consume. They knew there had to be a better way to optimize ad spend more effectively while offering a better experience for their buyers.


Use content consumption data to determine the best way to allocate paid ads spend

Trupanion used PathFactory to collect content consumption data to optimize spend on paid ad campaigns. First, they drove all prospects that clicked on an ad to a bingeable PathFactory Content Track instead of a single asset. This allowed the vet marketing team to analyze the content consumption each vendor drove. They quickly realized that, while one vendor drove more impressions, another was providing dramatically better content engagement on the other side of the click. This golden insight allowed them to divest from the vendor providing lukewarm leads, and reallocate more of their budget to the one delivering sales-ready prospects.Use content consumption data to determine the best way to allocate paid ads spend