How TrustYou achieved a 4.5X increase in revenue by activating high-value content

The Results With PathFactory


increased revenue from eBook promoted using Content Tracks versus without


increase in influenced opportunities


conversion of organic leads


High-value eBook received low engagement and conversions

TrustYou launched a Tech Stack Guide eBook aimed to drive conversions. The eBook was released in one language (English), including multiple landing pages per channel, individual forms, some html development, as well as GDPR considerations via double opt-in emails. With all these dead-ends and barriers to download, visitors often gave up somewhere along the way, leaving that conversion goal as more a pipe(line) dream.


Package high-value content with other relevant content to encourage higher engagement and conversions

Nicholas Johnson and the TrustYou team tried a new go-to-market approach. Using PathFactory, they activated the eBook by packaging it into a series of Content Tracks in 5 languages across 9 channels. And they did all this with minimal development needs. Using fewer forms, visitors are now free to self-educate at their own pace and binge on TrustYou’s content if they want. A more educated prospect leads to better conversion down the road.

“PathFactory empowered our team to control the go-to-market strategy of our high-value content. We’re now able to independently launch Content Tracks at scale, in multiple languages without having to involve the development team. It’s really easy to set up the tracks and release across all channels by simply copying and pasting the unique URL.”
Nick Johnson
Former Marketing Manager