How Pragmatic Institute got 3X website engagement with content intelligence

The Results With PathFactory


longer sessions


more views per session


Static website navigation prevented visitors from consuming enough content to convert

As one of the largest product and data training providers in the world, Pragmatic Institute has spent the past two decades creating thousands of in-depth articles, webinars, podcasts, and tools to establish their thought leadership and credibility. Unfortunately, website visitors didn’t stick around long enough to dive into all of those resources. They would bounce after reading just one article.

Pragmatic tried to keep visitors engaged with internal links, but bounce rates failed to improve. The lightbulb moment came when Pragmatic’s marketing team realized they were relying solely on visitors to know where to navigate next on the website. When visitors couldn’t find what they were looking for, they headed straight back to Google search, where competitors were waiting.

The marketers knew there was a better way to engage visitors that didn’t involve guessing. They looked to Netflix and Amazon — where the entire user experience is adapted to the individual in real-time — for inspiration. They wanted to shift from broadcasting to personalized recommendations. But what marketer has access to those kinds of data science resources?


Use content intelligence to increase engagement, sessions, and sales

Pragmatic used PathFactory’s AI-powered content intelligence to not only boost visitor engagement, but build faster, deeper relationships through their content. Pragmatic’s new and improved content engine now had the ability to convert two decade’s worth of content into structured data, deliver hyper-relevant experiences at scale, and capture invaluable data at every touchpoint.

Instead of relying on static internal links, the Pragmatic team chose to implement three types of dynamic, personalized recommendations to guide visitors deeper into the site:

1. Related content – which content assets the AI thinks is most closely related to the page the visitor is currently visiting
2. Recommended content – which content assets are most relevant the visitor based on their prior content engagement
3. Trending content – which content assets are visitors engaging with most.

In the first six months of using PathFactory’s AI-powered content recommendations, Pragmatic’s website engagement tripled. But visitors weren’t only staying for longer — they also viewed almost three times as many assets in each session than they did before. Visitors had no reason to go back to Google search when Pragmatic responded to their informational needs on the spot. At the same time, this engagement generated meaningful data to uncover actionable insights, like which assets were actually keeping visitors on the site and moving them through the buyer’s journey. In swapping out static content experiences for AI-powered personalization, Pragmatic ultimately achieved more engagement, more sessions, and more sales.

“[Data] is one of the places where PathFactory really shines. With PathFactory, we can turn data into actionable information. The reports are simple to understand, and easy to act on.
Rebecca Kalogeris
VP Marketing and Product Strategy
Pragmatic Institute