How Two Companies Deliver Personalized Content Experiences With PathFactory

Launching Website Tools in Q4 2022 Boosted Engagement and Conversion

Sysdig, a leading cloud security company based in the USA, knew that to improve their organic demand, they needed a solution that could deliver personalized experiences to their website visitors. They turned to PathFactory’s Website Tools, which offered a comprehensive solution to their challenge with features like website journey tracking, in-depth content analysis, and AI-generated recommendations.

Finally launching their new website with Website Tools in Q4 2022, Sysdig saw excellent results. Within just a few months of using Website Tools, they saw an increase in content engagement and returning visitor’s rate. With the right content in front of the right people, Sysdig optimized their website and streamlined their content map, driving more leads and creating an efficient user experience.

They achieved impressive results within a short period:


increase in content
binge rate


increase in visitor
binge rate

Thanks to PathFactory’s Customer Success Team, implementation was seamless. The team helped establish PathFactory’s services like website journey tracking and thoroughly test the new website configuration. Sysdig is now set up with a website journey that aligns with their brand, with the richness of the recommendations provided by the Website Tools AI feature.

With PathFactory Website Tools, Sysdig drives engagement and conversion, ultimately boosting business growth.

Achieved Better Site Engagement After Switching From a Competitor

Relationship One, a SaaS provider based in Minneapolis, was facing challenges with their website. Their existing website lacked insights into website visitors, and they needed a better customer navigation experience. They previously used various content intelligence tools but were searching for a better solution to enhance their website experience.

PathFactory had the solution – providing the ability to add dynamic sections to their website without sacrificing page layouts or requiring redesigns. Their AI-powered content recommendations helped move their audience through the buyer journey while providing personalized experiences that were completely trackable.

The implementation of Website Tools involved integrating existing tools and experiences, but the support teams at PathFactory made the transition smooth and hassle-free. The customer success team worked closely with Relationship One during this transition to ensure the best experience.

Relationship One was impressed by the ease of implementation and how much Website Tools helped with their revenue intelligence.

Why PathFactory’s Website Tools?

Website Tools is the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve website performance and drive more conversions as demonstrated by Sysdig and Relationship One’s implementation journey. By providing personalized content, experiences, accelerating the buyer journey, and optimizing website performance, Website Tools can help any business to increase engagement, improve lead generation, and ultimately, drive more revenue!

A visual showing a collection of website tools PathFactory offers.
This case study was created by Heinz Marketing on behalf of PathFactory through a series of independently conducted customer interviews among PathFactory’s Website Tools customers. Heinz Marketing conducted customer interviews without the presence of any PathFactory personnel for unbiased and accurate responses among PathFactory Website Tools customers.