Unlock ROI With PathFactory

Everything you need to know about unlocking ROI with PathFactory’s B2B content AI

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Why PathFactory?

Go-to-market teams use PathFactory’s B2B content AI platform to deliver personalized and engaging content experiences that accelerate the B2B buyer journey, increase deal velocity, and improve conversion rates.

PathFactory’s content AI analyzes user behavior and interests and recommends relevant content to individuals based on their engagement history. With PathFactory, organizations can improve content engagement, lead generation, and sales enablement while tracking their buyers’ content consumption in real time.

PathFactory’s three value props span the entire B2B buyer journey, helping you accelerate deal velocity and grow pipeline.


According to customer feedback, PathFactory helps GTM teams:

  1. Create more qualified leads with personalized content experiences.
  2. Increases lead to revenue velocity with intelligent content journeys.
  3. Combine revenue intelligence, content AI, and intent data for deeper insight into buyers.



of marketers know that a buyer expects a personalized experience


of marketers are actually using AI for personalization




Are you giving your buyers what they want? Do you have the ROI to show for it?




B2B Content AI

Here’s how GTM teams use PathFactory to solve some of the most-common problems facing marketers and sellers

  • “I can’t prove to my CFO how content affects the pipeline”
    -Director of Content Marketing
    Teams lack deep insight into how their content guides buyers through the sales funnel, and what content is the highest-converting content and creates the most high-quality leads. Organizations implemented PathFactory based on its deep content AI capabilities that clearly connect content consumption behaviors to ROI.

  • “We provide services for a very niche market, and it’s hard to find high-quality leads”
    – Director of Demand Generation
    Organizations need more leads, but with a niche market it is difficult to find quality leads that fit into the target persona. With content AI go-to-market teams gain deeper information about prospective buyers and people who engage with content to determine if they qualify as a high-value buyer, saving BDR and sales resources.

  • It’s difficult to prioritize upsell opportunities for our existing customers because we lack insight”
    – VP, Customer Marketing
    Improve cross-sell and upsell rates by recommending relevant content to existing customers. The customer marketing team can create personalized content tracks that highlight additional products, features, or services that align with their interests or needs.

  • “Our lead scoring model needs work—we have no way of identifying high-intent buyers”
    – Head of Sales
    High value buyers are determined by their content engagement behavior, while PathFactory’s ‘fast-moving buyer’ alerts automatically alert teams when a buyer is moving quickly through the sales journey and is ready to have a sales conversation.

  • “Creating omni-channel campaigns takes too much time and involves manual reporting”
    – Demand Gen Manager
    Orchestrate multichannel campaigns by coordinating content experiences across various touchpoints. Companies can create cohesive and personalized campaigns that span email, websites, social media, and other channels, and PathFactory provides a unified view of engagement across these channels to make campaign optimization easier.

Do these questions sound familiar? We thought so.

Let’s explore how PathFactory supports GTM teams on their journey to maximizing ROI.