Drive a Scalable Content Strategy

Build intuitive customer journey’s by continuously engaging customers in real-time with highly curated, relevant content.

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Revolutionary approach to deliver experiences

Aprimo and PathFactory provide a seamless end-to-end experience solution enabling you to connect your customers with the most relevant content delivering better experiences, qualified leads and more revenue.

Aprimo and PathFactory complement one another through their focus on different aspects of the marketing process. Aprimo is a content operations platform that provides a single source of truth to optimize the way you plan, develop, govern, and deliver content. PathFactory is a content optimization platform that helps companies improve the way they deliver and track the performance of their experiences. Together, these two platforms can provide a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing the entire marketing process.

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Unlock Your
Content’s Potential

Populate all paths for your audience segments with the most up-to-date, engaging content delivering rich experiences

Enable data-driven

Utilize valuable 360-degree insights on consumption behavior by type, channel, and person enabling ROI & engagement analytics across your entire technology stack

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Eliminate manual
asset updates

Once an asset is updated it is seamlessly pushed across all experiences in flight

“As a global health service company, Cigna needs to deliver personalized and relevant content to our customers, while ensuring brand consistency across all channels. With PathFactory’s content intelligence and Aprimo DAM’s centralized asset management, we can provide the right content to the right person at the right time, all while maintaining the integrity of our brand.”

Jon LaRose
Marketing Operations Technology Strategist Senior Advisor – Cigna


Jon LaRose - Cigna

Unlock your content’s full potential

Provide your customers with relevant content experiences, qualified leads, and more revenue.

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