Making Good Strategy Happen

Together Inverta + PathFactory will increase engagement and efficiently move your prospects and customers through the buyer journey

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Putting your Technology to work!

Inverta can help you build the strategy to harness the power that PathFactory provides

A key reason that companies don’t see the value they were hoping for from their technology purchases is a lack of a defined strategy to leverage the technology in support of their GTM strategy. This is where Inverta can help.

Inverta and PathFactory have worked side by side with dozens of clients to identify clear use cases, define expected impact and enable teams to engage and convert prospects and customers thoughout the buyers’ journey leveraging PathFactory.

Our clients that leverage PathFactory as a standard part of their campaigns see better engagement, higher conversion rates and faster velocity to help fill their pipeline more efficiently.

Kathy Macchi
Head of Innovation – Inverta


Kathy Macchi Head of Innovation - Inverta
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Building your Tech Strategy

The main reason companies can’t demonstrate the value of technology investments is because they lack a strategy for how to leverage the tech in support of their GTM strategy. Inverta can help align your team around the uses and benefits of the technology to help you prove the ROI.

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Enablement & Change Management

Buying great technology is one thing, but getting your team to understand how to leverage it and making it a standard part of how they work is another. Inverta can help your team make the shift to leveraging your tech investments.

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Ongoing Support

New features you want to leverage? Shift in GTM strategy? Big goals you need help pulling a strategy together to achieve? Inverta has done all this and more with technology front and center, so we’re here to help you match the changing demands of your organization.