Powerful Together: PathFactory and Resulticks

Revolutionizing Audience Engagement

A seamlessly integrated solution that empowers brands to amplify scalability, enhance targeting precision, and accelerate revenue growth.

Refining Business Growth Through a Shared Vision

Create seamless, personalized customer journeys across multiple touchpoints with Resulticks’ audience engagement platform and PathFactory’s interactive content experiences.

Unlock Audience Engagement

Empower your team with the tools they need to excel in today’s dynamic landscape.

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Boost Efficiency
With an Intuitive Workflow

Companies can create compelling content and reach target audiences seamlessly within an integrated ecosystem, reducing IT reliance and boosting efficiency.

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Shorten Sales Cycles
with Personalized Content

Resulticks’ precision targeting and PathFactory’s content intelligence drive hyper-personalization at every touchpoint, boosting conversion rates by aligning content with audience interests and needs.

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Plug into Real-Time
Insights at Scale

Together, PathFactory’s content insights and Resulticks’ real-time engagement tracking give companies a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior, allowing precise capitalization on opportunities.

Make Decisions Confidently
with Data-Driven Insights

Gain a holistic customer perspective and track behavior throughout the journey using data-driven insights to enhance marketing performance, orchestrate campaigns, and boost revenue.

“In a highly competitive business environment, this strategic partnership is a major growth lever for brands. My team and I look forward to serving brands to increase their revenue and share of wallet with our complementary expertise, resources, and networks.”

Mani Gopalaratnam
CTO, Resulticks


Mani Gopalaratnam, CTO, Resulticks