Remove friction from the B2B buyer's journey


Today’s consumerized B2B buyers self-educate more than ever, spending 67% of their journeys researching independently. But buyers are experiencing a frustrating amount of friction along their path to purchase. PathFactory fixes that by enabling buyers.

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B2B buying status quo

  • Friction for the buyer. Dead end content experiences, unnecessary gates, and impossible-to-find content.
  • Bad buying signals for the marketer. Clicks, forms fills, and page visit metrics that don’t tell you if your buyer has actually consumed your content.


The enabled B2B buyer

  • An on-demand content journey for the buyer. Enable your buyers with micro-personalized recommendations based on their content consumption history.
  • Crystal clear buying signals for the marketer. Identify your most sales-ready buyers based on the amount of time they’ve spent consuming content.

The Engine

PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Engine leverages AI, fueled by the complete consumption history of your buyers as well as the metadata on what the content is really about. Much like Netflix and Amazon, our Engine uses this data to automatically curate micro-personalized journeys that are unique to each buyer.

The benefits of enabling your buyer

Improve Conversion

Create higher quality demand that converts better.

Reduce Cycle Times

Get out of the way of the buyer so they can move faster.

Optimize Marketing Spend

Get better return from channels and programs.

"PathFactory creates an all-around better customer experience, helping nurture and educate leads in real-time. PathFactory also leads to a better internal experience, as we are able to generate more qualified leads as well as better sales conversations."
Christopher Mitchell
Carbon Black

Powering content insight and activation

Gartner Cool Vendor 2019

PathFactory Named A 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor In Technology Marketing