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Shining Stars: Award-Winning Marketers Leading The Way In B2B

Every now and then, an exceptional marketer comes along that challenges the status quo and raises the bar. Here at LookBookHQ, we’re lucky enough to work with many of them.

Recently, four of these bright sparks were recognized by Demand Gen Report’s B2B Innovator Awards, designed to spotlight some of the best and brightest in B2B. These marketers thought outside the box to overcome major challenges within their organizations from inaccurate lead scoring models to sluggish buyer journeys. The results speak for themselves. Read on to learn more and draw inspiration from these shining stars:

B2B Innovator Award for Data Scientist & Operations Optimizers

Rich Copenhagen headshot

Analytical. Forward thinking. Results-driven. Just a few ways to describe Rich Copenhagen, Marketing Operations Manager at Nimble Storage. He’s the kind of marketer that likes to dig deep into data to find the story. And if he doesn’t like the story he finds, he’ll go to great lengths to change it for the better.

When Rich’s team faced challenges identifying MQLs in a sea of inquiries, they swapped traditional “one-and-done” nurture emails for a nurture method where prospects could consume as much content as they wanted at any given time.

To ensure engaged leads were accurately identified and qualified, Rich developed a sophisticated Marketo lead scoring model based on the content engagement metrics in LookBookHQ. This resulted in a 25X increase in marketing-driven pipeline within the first few months allowing him to focus on solving new marketing challenges.

When Rich’s LookBookHQ Client Success Manager, Tara Cotter, was asked what it’s like working with him, she had these thoughts to share:

“I am so excited for Rich to be recognized for his accomplishments!  He’s a super-smart marketer and a dream to work with. Always an enthusiastic adopter of our tools, Rich has been a wealth of ideas and constructive feedback while achieving great results for his organization.”


B2B Innovator Award for Cross-Channel Champions

Mervyn Alamgir headshot

If ever there was a marketer that won’t settle for less, it’s Mervyn Alamgir, Senior Director, Marketing at TIBCO Software. He strives to run marketing campaigns that perform well and meet goals. If anything seems amiss, it’s back to the drawing board with his team to figure out why.

It’s this tendency that helped him stand out from the crowd in the Cross Channel Champions category of the B2B Innovator Awards. After identifying an underperforming free trial campaign, Mervyn successfully led his team through its revitalization by flipping the content delivery model and allowing trial users to binge on content and self-educate at their own pace. Content consumption wasn’t the only thing that improved: Mervyn’s restructured campaign also resulted a 92% increase in SQLs!

Holly Dollinger, LookBookHQ Client Success Manager for TIBCO, wasn’t all that surprised when she heard about Mervyn’s award:

“I have the privilege of working with Mervyn and his team at TIBCO. Mervyn is a leading edge marketer who continuously learns, tests and launches great campaigns with his team. And, along the way he shares with me the cool-stuff TIBCO is doing with LookBookHQ — Mervyn is fantastic to work with and definitely a marketing rockstar!”

Learn more about how Mervyn and the TIBCO team designed their award-winning nurture campaign:

B2B Innovator Award for Content, Creative & Execution

Paula Puess headshot

If you look up “marketing strategy and goal-setting” in a dictionary you just might find a picture of Paula Puess, Global Market Development Manager at Rockwell Automation. Paula has a sixth sense for identifying opportunities to improve her team’s execution and results and then acting on it.

So when the Rockwell team identified a long, complicated sales cycle as a barrier to conversion, Paula shifted to a fully digital approach to campaigns with the help of the LookBookHQ’s Intelligent Content Platform. This new, agile approach allowed the team to get to market quickly with the right content to capture audience’s attention.

Now, Rockwell’s nurture campaigns tell a story and prospects are able to consume as much content as they want in one session, Paula and her team can identify ‘content bingers’ (a.k.a. Those who consume multiple pieces of content) as hot leads, and can pass them to sales with confidence. In its first 9 months, the new campaign saw $13M in leads and $2.9M in closed orders in North America.

Tara Cotter, Rockwell’s LookBookHQ Client Success Manager had this to say about working with Paula:

“Paula is an amazing marketer to work with! She’s a strategic mastermind with clear objectives and the tactical know-how to make them happen. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!”


B2B Innovator Award for Cross-Channel Champions

Paul Hart headshot

Where B2B marketing is concerned, Paul Hart, Marketing Operations Manager at Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk, is a jack of all trades and a master of all! Paul knows exactly how to align everything (and everyone) efficiently to improve processes and generate results. He’s not only an intelligent marketer but a well-rounded one too.

As a result, Paul received a B2B Innovator Award in the Cross Channel Champions category for his dedication to resuscitating a free trial campaign. After recognizing that the prospect journey was being slowed by manual interventions throughout the campaign, Paul identified several opportunities for automation to streamline the process. This was no easy task–he ensured the solution worked with numerous internal and external stakeholders, removing roadblocks along the way.

In the end, he created an easy-breezy buyer journey for his prospects to self-educate. Early forecasts show that Paul’s campaign revamp project could bring an increase of $7M in annualized revenue to T&R Financial & Risk.

Matt Everson is the LookBookHQ Client Success Manager working alongside Paul and had this to say about his exciting win:

“Paul is an incredibly dynamic marketer who is always looking to leverage a smarter approach for marketing operations. Paul’s strength is his ability to bring both analytics and creativity to the process of developing solutions to problems and seeking out the best strategy based on data insights to achieve results.”