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[eBook] The New Rules of Content Engagement

As a modern marketer, you rely on content to fuel qualified demand, but do you have sufficient insight to distinguish the casual content browser from the serious buyer? We’ve teamed up with Oracle Marketing Cloud to publish The New Rules of Content Engagement: Secrets to Identifying Your Most Qualified Leads.

In this new eBook, we look at how the new era of content engagement is changing the playbook for marketers, and the new rules you need to learn to better understand the content preferences of your buyers – and pinpoint your hottest leads.

Marketers have been missing out on a key element of the buyer’s digital body language that can help them increase engagement with their content and more accurately identify their most sales-ready prospects. This missing link is “post-click” content engagement – the ability to track how your prospects engage with your content, what assets they view and how much time they spend.

Knowing what happens after your prospects click can tell you a great deal about their interests, intent and readiness to buy. And their content consumption behavior is a key indicator of sales readiness. Buyers who consume a lot of content in a short period of time – we call it bingeing – are 2.4 times more likely to be sales-ready. Accommodating the content bingeing behavior of these highly motivated prospects is the secret to driving qualified demand.

Meet Bob: The world’s most interested prospect

Bob is a fast-moving buyer. He’s just been tasked with purchasing a new solution for his company and, if he picks the right one, Bob is going to be a hero. To get up to speed, Bob is bingeing on as much relevant content as he can get his hands on. The availability of information online means that he can move through all this content very fast. At this moment, Bob is the world’s most interested prospect.

A cartoon character with the quote "I don't always binge on B2B content, but when I do I binge hard."

Now meet Sally. She fits the same buyer demographic as Bob and, to your marketing automation platform and CRM, they both look exactly the same. They both clicked on the same content offer, but Bob spent 7 minutes engaging with your eBook and then went on to look at several other assets, spending upwards of 15 minutes in total.

Sally, on the other hand, spent a grand total of 15 seconds with your eBook before she tapped out and moved on to something more pressing. Unlike Bob, she’s at least a year away from purchasing a solution and has nothing but time – just none for you right now.

So 15 minutes of engagement versus 15 seconds… Who would you say is more ready to talk to sales?

Finding Bob in a sea of Sallys

To detect fast-moving buyers like Bob, who may be hiding in plain sight in your database, you need to accommodate and identify the content binge. Your value to Bob lies in your ability to help him get a good portion of his research done in those moments when he is ready to do it. If you don’t provide relevant content in sufficient volume while he’s doing his research, or make it too hard for him to find the information he needs, he will look elsewhere to get it.

In the New Rules of Content Engagement eBook, you’ll discover the latest research on B2B buyers’ content consumption behavior and preferences. It turns out that engaged buyers look very similar to TV viewers who binge on their favorite shows on-demand – and that 33% of engaged prospects will binge on your B2B content if it’s packaged in the right way.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside:

  • How to identify your most qualified prospects (AKA find Bob in a sea of Sallys)
  • Why content engagement is the missing link in your buyer’s digital body language
  • What the rise of the fast-moving buyer means for B2B marketers
  • Content engagement strategies to keep your conversion rates from flat-lining
  • Why modern marketers should bet on content bingeing

You’ll want to spend some quality time with this new eBook to learn why accommodating fast-moving buyers like Bob is the secret to identifying your most qualified leads. Read the eBook now!