Best Practices

How We Built It: PathFactory’s First Lead Nurturing Program

Last January, PathFactory’s Marketing team got in a room to hatch a master plan for building our first multi-touch email lead nurture program. With limited time and resources, our goals were to leverage existing content and essentially build the nurture one touch at a time so we could accelerate our time-to-value. We planned to build and launch each touch to our existing database and then apply the logic to string the touches together into an automated nurture for any names that entered our database in the future.

Like many companies, we invest in many “top of funnel” programs that add new names to our database that are relatively unqualified. The nurture program needed to serve as the middle man, moving prospects from latent, unqualified demand to qualified and sales ready. The goal was to use our nurture to educate prospects, understand and score their engagement and generate a steady flow of qualified demand for our sales team.

Recently, our Marketing and Customer Success teams put our heads together to create this inside look at what we built, how we did it and the results we’ve seen in the first six months.

Read on for practical pro-tips and best practices for building an effective lead nurture program on short time and resources. You’ll also learn how we’re using our own content marketing automation platform to nurture prospects and deliver more content per click. And you’ll get a sneak peek at how we’re iterating and building on the success of our first nurture program to develop a new and improved Nurture version 2.0. We hope you find this case study useful and that it gives you some new ideas for building or enhancing your own killer nurture program.

Click below to view our Nurture Case Study Infographic.

A screenshot of the Nurture Case Study Infographic to showing the Implementation stage and 3 emails. One featuring a video, one a follow up and another promoting an infographic.