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Marketing Matters: A 5-Part Series on Marketing Tactics That Work

Even the most talented and driven marketers face tough challenges when it comes to educating prospects, qualifying demand and increasing marketing’s contribution to revenue. And even with all the awesome marketing tech out there, it’s not getting any easier – multiple stakeholders, longer sales cycle, higher price points, lack of attention.

Ever feel like you’re in over your head project managing the rollout of a new piece of marketing tech? Have you found yourself going down the rabbit hole of metrics and analytics, trying to make sense of why report A and report B do not line up? Does the minutia of localization or last-minute change requests bog you down? What about managing the hype and expectations for that hot new marketing trend or tech? It’s all just another day at the office – or on the road! – for today’s modern marketer.

Tapping into our firsthand experience as B2B marketers ourselves, as well as our recent experiences “on the ground” working with world-class marketing clients, the Client Success Team at PathFactory is excited to bring you a new 5-part blog series that looks at the challenges B2B marketers face every day and the proven tactics you can use to increase the effectiveness of your programs and campaigns. You know marketing matters, but this series will look at the key performance indicators for measuring the impact of your marketing efforts and offer tips to help you deliver real value.

Over the upcoming weeks, here’s a glimpse of what we have in store:

  • Content Engagement – Get your busy prospects’ attention and keep it. You spend a lot of time, effort and money getting someone’s attention, but how do you make the most of their limited – and precious – attention once you have it? This first post will look at what real engagement is, why it is important and how you can use it to prove the value of your content marketing efforts.
  • Help Prospects Find What They Need – Finding your content shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt. Making your content accessible will remove friction from the buyer’s journey and help you cultivate better educated prospects faster. Fear not, this post is not going to tell you that you absolutely must remove all the gates on every piece of content (although it’s never a bad idea to revisit your form strategy), but rather it will discuss the importance of making it easy for your prospects to navigate through your content as they educate themselves.
  • How to Know if Your Content and Messaging is Working – Are people reading or watching your content? It’s a question that content marketers ask themselves at least once a day! Diving a little deeper into tactics and data at various levels (all, individual and account-wide), this instalment will look at how to know whether you are communicating with your audience effectively or just throwing more and more content into the attention abyss.
  • Identify High Quality Prospects – Whether you have a lead scoring model in place today or aren’t quite there yet, you are probably leaving sales-ready prospects on the table. This post will take a deep dive into content engagement behaviors and signals of serious buying intent that you probably aren’t factoring into your scoring and how you can spot and use them to better qualify leads.
  • How to Treat Highly Engaged Prospects – Direct the focus of your sales team on prospects who are most likely to buy. This post takes the insights found through identifying what you were missing from the previous post and makes them actionable to yield more/better pipeline and put efficiencies in place to maximize results.

From quick wins to more advanced marketing tactics, our goal with this series is to offer practical, real-world information and use cases that every B2B marketer can use. We are fortunate to have our Client Success team stacked with some very talented marketers (and we are currently looking for more!) who have done it all, and to count many of the world’s greatest modern marketing minds among our clients. We look forward to sharing our insights – and theirs – with you over the upcoming weeks and months.

If you have questions about any of these upcoming topics, or would like to make a suggestion for other topics we could cover in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at