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How PathFactory’s Drift Integration Delivers A More Customer Centric Experience

Better Together: PathFactory + Drift

You’ve probably noticed the movement toward greater customer-centricity amongst B2B marketers. This year, SiriusDecisions’ 2018 CMO Global Study listed enhancing the customer experience and addressing changing buyer behaviors as their top two priorities.

This should come as no surprise. For years, B2B companies have trailed their consumer counterparts when it comes to buyer enablement. As Forrester analyst Steven Casey says in The Birth of The B2B Consumer, “B2B buyers are behaving more like consumers every day,” and we need to accommodate them. Better yet: delight them.

Today’s B2B buyers are demanding the same experiences they get in their personal lives. Whether that’s on Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon, or how they spend their day glued to their smartphones on Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. They’re used to a personalized, on-demand sequence of content ready to binge consume, and they’re used to asking questions and getting immediate answers. Unfortunately, most B2B buyers today are faced with a buying process that’s way more complicated than it should be.

Two companies solving this problem through customer-centricity are Drift and PathFactory. Today, we’re announcing a formal integration that will make these two platforms even more powerful when paired together.

Deploy Drift chatbots, track content consumption, and understand the role of chat in the buyer’s journey, all in one place

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Drift and PathFactory already worked beautifully together, no integration required. Chat could already be added to a Content Track and a conversational landing page could be an asset within a Content Track. With this integration, we’re giving marketers greater precision about where chatbots are deployed, and clearer visibility into how chat and content consumption influenced the buyer’s journey.

Drift has always allowed you to get very specific about which chatbots are used and where they appear, but with this integration, you gain even more control. Using PathFactory’s native functionality, this integration allows for very deliberate deployment of chat bots inside of Content Tracks, based on the buyer’s content consumption. This can be based on the amount of time buyers spend consuming content, how many assets they have consumed in a single session, or when they click on a call-to-action. This functionality allows you to deploy the right conversation at the right moment in the buyer’s journey for each individual buyer.

PathFactory Drift integration

Drift’s chat also allows buyers to convert during a conversation, whether it’s from anonymous to known, or to agree to a meeting. With this integration, any lead who becomes known to Drift will automatically become known to PathFactory. As PathFactory customers already know, this means that lead’s individual content consumption can be tracked down to the second. When your sales team takes that meeting booked by Drift, they’ll be equipped with down-to-the-second data on that buyer’s individual journey to ensure the meeting is totally tailored to them. This is customer-centricity in action!

Every Drift conversation will subsequently be passed to PathFactory and can be made available within PathFactory’s analytics. This gives marketers insight into the role of conversations in your buyer’s journey – alongside your content. In a single view, you’ll know when chatbots are used most, surface content gaps in your buyer’s journey based on the questions they’re asking, and get the information you need to choose the best moment for chat to be initiated.

Drift PathFactory integration

Customer-centricity using PathFactory + Drift

B2B buyers are already choosing products and services based on the ease of the buying process. You can’t keep doing what they’ve always done and expect to be successful in the future. Tactics like long forms, dead-end journeys, and unresponsive experiences hold buyer back and progressing forward will be what differentiates your marketing from the norm.

Using PathFactory, you can produce dynamic tracks of content for buyers to binge-consume, and measure down-to-the-second how they consumed that content. With Drift, buyers can have real-time conversations to answer their burning questions and progress forward in the buying process. These concepts are essential in a move to a buyer-led journey.

With this integration, we’re empowering you to do more with every moment of attention your buyers give you. Every time your prospect or customer lands on an owned digital property, they’re giving you the gift of their attention. When you engage them on their terms, you’ll provide an exceptional buying experience that is personalized and frictionless. The net result is a funnel that converts better and faster, a sales team with a clearer connection to your buyers, and an exceptional experience for those buyers.

If you’re not yet a PathFactory customer but want to learn more about how it works with Drift, get in touch.