Demand Generation

Redefining Sales Readiness: New Research Report

The New B2B Content Binge Reality

Today’s busy B2B buyers are empowered to move through their buying journey at their own pace, not yours. The idea that these highly motivated buyers would be willing to wait weeks or sometimes months to receive the next piece of content via an email nurture or ad is hopelessly antiquated.

Fast-moving buyers binge on B2B content as they self-educate, consuming as much relevant content as they can in a short period of time. Illustrating this trend, 93% of respondents to Demand Gen Report’s 2016 Content Preferences Study recommended marketers package related content together. B2B marketers need to adapt their tactics to satisfy the needs of their most engaged prospects by delivering all the content they need anywhere and anytime they click.

In the new white paper by Demand Gen Report and LookBookHQ, Accommodating Today’s Fast-Moving Buyers, we take an in-depth look at the latest research on B2B buyers’ content consumption behavior and what it can tell marketers about the sales-readiness of their prospects.

In fact, B2B experts agree that “the next generation of automated lead nurturing will prioritize multi-asset content experiences and intelligent content sequencing” in order to sustain a prospect’s attention and fast-track buyer education, as well as deeper engagement metrics to measure content consumption.

Marketers Look “Beyond the Click” to Redefine Sales-Readiness
According to Ardath Albee, author of Digital Relevance: Developing Marketing Content and Strategies that Drive Results, engagement is often measured by surface metrics, such as clicks, shares, and views, but measuring “commitment” requires more depth — such as whether an audience spends enough time on the page to read the entirety of the published content.

Faced with stagnating conversion rates at the top of the funnel, marketers are beginning to look beyond the click for deeper insights into how educated and qualified their prospects really are before sending them to sales. It’s the difference between someone clicking on your content offer and actually spending time reading or watching the content.

For marketers who have traditionally viewed the click as the destination, new “post-click” engagement metrics shed light on how much content a buyer has consumed and how long they spent consuming it, adding another dimension to determining buyer qualification and intent to buy.

Learn Cutting-Edge Tactics to Engage Today’s Buyers
Today’s leading B2B marketers are taking a page from digital publishers and focusing on how they can hold on to their audience’s attention after they capture it and encourage deeper, more sustained engagement with their content while they have someone’s attention.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in the paper to help you:

  • Empower your most qualified prospects to self-educate in real time
  • Sustain and capitalize on your prospect’s precious attention
  • Gain new insight into buyer qualification with “post-click” engagement metrics
  • Increase conversion and stop sending “false positives” to sales

Read the Demand Gen Report white paper now – presented in a LookBookHQ content experience for your binging pleasure.