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The PathFactory And Sigstr Integration: Better Together

Sigstr and PathFactory have something important in common: We both create previously untapped opportunities for marketers. Sigstr turns employee email signatures into a productive channel for marketers to advertise content offers. PathFactory points every marketing click to a personalized sequence of content (called a Content Track) and captures how long customers and prospects spend with it, unlocking a brand new class of data you can use to inform your marketing strategy.

Today, Sigstr and PathFactory announce a formal integration. This is exciting not just because we’re two really cool companies coming together to do something smart for our mutual customers, but also because our marketing team has been using Sigstr for over two years now.

We point every Sigstr email signature banner to a PathFactory Content Track so we know how the quality of those clicks stack up against other channels. It allows us to offer the same binge-worthy PathFactory experience for our buyers that we already use in every other channel. We can’t wait to get even more out of using the two technologies together with the formal integration.

What’s new in the PathFactory and Sigstr integration?

Sigstr and PathFactory have never been able to seamlessly pass data back-and-forth…until now.

With this exciting new integration, when you want to deploy a Content Track, you can select it directly inside Sigstr. This simplifies the workflow of tying a Sigstr campaign to a Content Track. It also provides a better experience for buyers since they’ll be sent to a binge-worthy sequence of relevant content with every click.

PathFactory and Sigstr integration

Sigstr already knows who the recipient of an email is and can now pass that information to PathFactory. Previously, clicks coming from an email signature registered as an unknown visitor. Now, when email recipients click on a Sigstr email signature they will enter the PathFactory Content Track as known. This means clearer account-level reporting, better lead management, and gives the sales team a direct line of sight into what each person did when they clicked on a Sigstr banner.

PathFactory and Sigstr integration

PathFactory and Sigstr integration

By understanding how B2B buyers consume content and exactly what your marketing is about (content metadata), PathFactory is in a unique position to understand exactly what it is those buyers needs to see next. Just like Netflix knows what to recommend to each and every viewer, PathFactory can do the same for your B2B prospects, based on their actual consumption habits.

With this integration, PathFactory will extend this functionality to Sigstr campaigns. The engine at the heart of the PathFactory platform uses machine learning to understand the buyer’s journey, and make the best possible recommendation about what to see next. PathFactory will be able to automatically update Sigstr banners with personalized Content Track destinations based on visitor behavior and firmographic data, helping B2B marketers deliver a more relevant, on-demand experience. The integration will also give customers the ability to kickstart the banner creation process in Sigstr with images from their PathFactory content library.

What’s in it for Sigstr users?

PathFactory unlocks a better on-demand experience for your buyers and a new way to measure how much time prospects spent with your content. Sigstr already does a great job of telling you how many impressions and clicks your campaigns earned, but now with PathFactory, you can understand the consumption that happens after the click. Then you can use that data to qualify leads, understand how well your content is working, and compare the success of your campaigns.

Imagine a world where any time a prospect clicks through a Sigstr call-to-action your sales and marketing teams knows exactly who spent how much time with each and every asset. This kind of data is essential to guide marketing decisions about what to do next, alert sales when a person of interest spends meaningful time on high-value content, and provide sales a clear window into the quality and quantity of content consumption by their accounts, customers, and individual leads.

PathFactory will also take some of the guesswork out of deciding which asset to present next to your audience. By using machine learning and marketer dictated rules, PathFactory will dynamically generate the track of content a visitor lands on after clicking a Sigstr banner. Creating banners will be even easier as images from PathFactory content assets will be available within Sigstr, giving creative teams a starting point for each banner they create.

If you aren’t using PathFactory already, you can request a demo here.

What’s in it for PathFactory users?

If you’re already using PathFactory, you know Sigstr is another channel you can use to point clicks to your Content Tracks – clicks from a known audience.

When you use the Sigstr integration, you’ll see exactly which content each and every person actually consumes, not the fact that they just clicked on something. This means more content consumption data that can be used across all of your sales and marketing efforts. Every time you point a click to PathFactory, the Content Insight and Activation Engine that sits at the heart of our platform gets smarter. When the engine can see more of what’s working with your prospects and customers, then it can make the most intelligent recommendations about what to do next.

We’re thrilled to be working even more closely with the team at Sigstr. This integration is just another step toward making it easier to give your buyers everything they need on their path-to-purchase, across every channel you interact with them on.