Why Your Website Fails Buyers: New Research from Demand Gen Report

While most B2B marketers understand that content is the fuel that drives qualified demand, a new report conducted by Demand Gen Report reveals that B2B buyers struggle to find and engage with relevant content on the path to purchase.

In the new report, Content Connection Points, Demand Gen Report surveyed 196 marketers and found several gaps hampering marketers’ ability to surface content at critical stages in the buyer journey.

While 93% of B2B buyers recommend marketers package related content together to make it easier to find, only 14% of marketers surveyed in said they are packaging together assets that have a logical progression of buyer requirements to encourage buyers to progress through the buying journey.

Simply put: marketers are making it too hard for prospects to find the content they need to quickly make an informed purchase decision.

The Content Delivery Disconnect

As B2B marketers, we need to take a hard look at what our prospects want versus what we’re giving them. The growing disconnect between buyer expectations for how they wish to consume content and how marketers are delivering it is of critical concern. Nine out of ten B2B buyers say the vendor they chose provided a better mix of content to help them through each stage of the research and purchase consideration process. Marketers continue to invest heavily in content creation and promotion, but the new research strongly suggests that their content delivery mechanism is broken.

Sales-ready B2B buyers are ready for more information about your company, products and services right now. If you’re making your content too hard to find and access via your website, they will go elsewhere to find the information they need.

If you want to have a positive impact on quality of leads and funnel velocity, you need more people to view more content for longer periods of time. Our own PathFactory client data supports these findings, proving that prospects who consume more content per click are better qualified, more likely to be sales-accepted, move faster through the funnel and buy more:

  • 3x Increase in MQL Conversion Rates
  • 2.4x More Likely to be Sales-Ready
  • 2.3x Faster Through the Funnel
  • 2.4x Higher Annual Contract Value

Content Connection Points details the gaps that exist in content delivery today and offers practical solutions to help marketers better align their content with the needs of today’s busy, research-savvy and digitally-empowered B2B buyers.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in the report:

  • The challenges marketers face in delivering relevant content
  • Aligning website goals with demand gen strategies
  • Content gating challenges – to gate or not to gate your content
  • The B2B marketer’s quest to identify sales-ready buyers
  • Next-gen content approaches to close content delivery gaps

Click the image below to read the Demand Gen Report survey now – proudly sponsored by PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ) and presented in a PathFactory Content Track.

Written By
Cassandra Jowett
Cassandra Jowett is the Director of Content Marketing at PathFactory. She is an award-winning content marketing leader who helps early- and growth-stage startups with effective content strategy. She also teaches Content Strategy at George Brown College, and runs a meetup group and Slack for B2B content marketers in Toronto and Vancouver. Before joining PathFactory, Cassandra led the content marketing teams at Influitive and TalentEgg.ca. She earned a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University and, when she's not doing content marketing stuff, she loves going backcountry camping in the wilderness with her husband.

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