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The PathFactory Difference

Our Customers See Fantastic Results

 Increase in Pipeline Conversion
Increase in Closed Won Deals
Increase in Revenue from PathFactory Campaigns

Measure what matters

More Than Just Basic Content Engagement Data

We all know content fuels the buyer’s journey and, especially in difficult economic times, go-to-market teams need a multifunctional investment that gives you deep insight into how your buyers consume and engage with your content at every touchpoint in the buyer journey. With PathFactory’s B2B content intelligence platform, you gain access to first-party data and third-party intent signals that are proven to improve outreach effectiveness and accelerate deal velocity.

A graphic representation of PathFactory's data of your content and site.

Personalize each viewers journey

More Than Just Personalized Content Recommendations

74% of marketers recognize that a buyer expects a personalized experience, yet only 36% of B2B marketers are actually using AI for personalization. With PathFactory’s B2B content intelligence platform your entire GTM team gains insights into your buyers’ content engagement behavior, firmographic data, and topics of interest to create personalized content experiences across every use case—from ABM, nurture, through to customer marketing.

A viewer going through a binge, and all of the time they viewed each asset is being tracked.

Discover PathFactory’s Content Intelligence Platform

More Than Just Content Tracks

PathFactory enables go-to-market teams to create on-brand landing pages and resource centers that target specific personas, topics, geos, and industries. Plus, PathFactory’s Revenue Intelligence allows Revenue teams to share contextually-relevant content experiences with prospects and customers for a contiguous content journey right from Salesforce (did we mention we seamlessly integrate with software you’re probably already using?).

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We don’t like to brag, but…

According to TrustRadius, 100% Of Our Customers Say PathFactory Delivers Good Value For The Price

We’ve heard from our customers firsthand that PathFactory’s B2B Content Intelligence platform beats out the competition on important KPIs like speed to value, scalability, and customer support, but that’s just the beginning. According to TrustRadius:

  • 94% would purchase PathFactory again
  • 97% said PathFactory lived up to sales and marketing promises
  • 94% are happy with PathFactory’s feature set

Marketers use PathFactory at every stage of the customer lifecycle

Molly from Monte Carlo

1000+ form submissions from their “Product Tour” content track

“PathFactory has increased the velocity of the buyer journey from curiosity to happy customer. It increased the quality, volume and speed of conversions.“

30,565 unique visitors of which +50% are known visitors

“With the sales team enabled on PathFactory insights, we have increased our marketing and sales alignment.”

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3.5X boost in customer adoption

“Combining data with effective tools like PathFactory, we can have more than 100K highly personalized conversations with our customers to guide them on their path to success.”