Content consumption data is at the heart of every great on-demand experience.

Imagine a world with no Netflix, Amazon, or YouTube. It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago, everyone was forced to wade through a deluge of options to pinpoint the programs, products, and services they wanted most.

Fast forward to today: it is an on-demand economy where you can access any product or service with the click of a button in a mobile app, and every digital experience is highly personalized and curated based on what you have consumed in the past.

But the rich on-demand experiences most consumers have in their personal lives still can’t be found in the B2B buying process. When marketers lack insight into how buyers consume content, it's impossible to deliver customer experiences that are truly personalized, curated, and on-demand.

Steven Casey
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
AI Will Enable B2B Marketers To Deliver
Customer-Driven Engagement At Scale
“AI-powered B2B marketing solutions will enable customer-driven, contextual marketing across the entire customer life cycle — by responding dynamically to customer behavior and autonomously creating, delivering, and optimizing personalized interactions.”

Unlock personalized content experiences with content consumption data

The reason Netflix and YouTube always know what you want to watch next is because they capture a significant amount of data about the content you have already consumed. That data feeds the personalized recommendations that brands like these have become famous for. PathFactory captures similar data while prospects are consuming your marketing content.

Engagement data today

Today, most marketers measure engagement and determine lead quality based on the quantity of binary metrics such as:

  • Email opens and clicks
  • Webpage visits
  • Form fills
  • Content downloads

These data points give you a limited view into the sales-readiness of your buyers, resulting in false positives and low-quality leads.

PathFactory’s unique data

PathFactory’s new class of engagement data includes:

  • The quality of the interactions between visitors and your content
  • Content attributes, such as type, topic, and reading length
  • Visitor, account, and opportunity data from your MAP and CRM

PathFactory gives you a complete understanding of content engagement and its impact on your pipeline and revenue, and influences the personalized content recommendations PathFactory makes for your prospects.

Turn engagement data into content insight and activation

Personalize the buyer’s journey for everyone

One size doesn’t fit all. Stop slowing your buyers down with frustrating content experiences: deliver the next most relevant asset to each person based on who they are, where they are in their unique buyer’s journey, and which content they’ve already consumed.

Improve campaign and channel performance

Answer critical questions about the interactions between visitors and your content so you can optimize your marketing campaigns and channels: Was the interaction good? Did it help someone progress through the buyer’s journey? Did it generate revenue?

Identify which prospects and accounts are ready to buy

Detect Engaged Intent, the leading indicator of sales-readiness, so you and your sales team can prioritize your fastest-moving buyers. Finally, you can distinguish between a casual clicker who glanced at a piece of content for 3 seconds and someone who spent 12 minutes bingeing on 4 content assets in a single session.

Measure the impact of content on pipeline and revenue

Know which content topics, formats, and assets have the most impact on your leads, sales pipeline, and closed-won revenue so you can measure the return on your investments.

Optimize your marketing strategy and budget

Use the data and insights provided by PathFactory to continually improve your marketing strategy and results by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


Unlock better results for every marketing function

Learn about the new class of data helping B2B marketers power relevant content recommendations at every stage of the funnel, and how you can use this insight to drive better results from every program and channel.