PathFactory is able to aggregate engagement time from multiple content types in one session.
PathFactory Use Case

Content Strategy

Allows a marketing organization to understand what content they have and how it performs so they can better define and execute their content strategy plan.

Analytics Training

What Is It?

Ensure each PathFactory user not only understands where the reports are located but how each report will impact their job role.

Value Proposition

Analytics are key to fast, meaningful campaign optimization and iteration. The value of PathAnalytics is that it can inform everything from content strategy to budget allocation by channel, and our analytics drive key decisions across the board. However, how we analyze these reports and the questions we ask about them, is what’s most important – turning a list of data and reports into actionable insights. Therefore the training session are as much strategic discovery as they are “how-to’s” helping you understand how our deep analytics can help you evolve your campaigns, and also everything to do with your content strategy.

Technical Lift: Light

No special skills required, simply time to learn, and a solid understanding of existing strategy mapped to the analytics that matter.