PathFactory is able to aggregate engagement time from multiple content types in one session.
PathFactory Use Case

Content Strategy

Allows a marketing organization to understand what content they have and how it performs so they can better define and execute their content strategy plan.

Content Audit

What Is It?

Standardization of metadata tags ensures meaningful and actionable reporting and ease of use when building tracks. Tags include topic, content type, industry, persona, funnel stage, language.

For Website Tool Customers this will also include:
1. SEO
2. OG Image
3. Readability Score
4. Language Distribution

Value Proposition

A PathFactory content audit drives your understanding of performance beyond just track level. Results of the audit support content strategy by providing understanding of what content performs across multiple dimensions influencing future assets. For example, understand the topics that get the longest read times when deployed via paid social can help you plan and budget intelligently for that channel.

For Website Tools specifically, it will give you a sense of what pages are missing key meta tags (for example), helping you coordinate SEO upgrades with your web team.

Technical Lift: Medium

For Campaign Tools, it is a manual process of looking at all assets in PathFactory’s content library and ensuring correct naming conventions and tagging are applied. While manual, many changes can be done in bulk making this exercise fairly efficient.

Technical Lift: Light

For Website Tools, this process is a simple output of URLs that are not fully in compliance with SEO best practices, and can be supplied to a web team to update via your CMS.