How Content Intelligence Drives Digital Transformation for B2B Marketers
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Driving Digital Transformation With Content Intelligence

Marketers need content intelligence to future-proof their content engines and keep up with B2B buyers — especially millennials.

Buyers now bring consumer-like demands for hyper-relevant, self-directed content into every purchase decision. No one has higher standards than millennials, who are playing a bigger role in buying committees as their careers progress. According to TrustRadius, 60% of all B2B tech buyers are millennials. They also represent 51% of lead buyers and financial approvers — more than any other generational cohort.

To keep up, marketers need to overhaul and future-proof their content engines. Content intelligence, powered by AI, converts content into rich data and insights, enabling organizations to deliver deeper levels of personalization buyers have come to expect. At the same time, marketers can uncover how different content assets influence prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Content intelligence also provides dynamic content recommendations for every visitor. As buyers progress through their journey, the content assets they encounter are determined by their actual behavior and topics of interest, rather than broad segmentations dictated by marketers. This is especially useful in an ABM capacity. In a recent blog post, Oracle shared how their marketing team uses PathFactory to accelerate their Oracle Eloqua nurtures, optimize content delivery and engagement on specific product segments of their website, and improve their understanding of insights such as which content assets are performing and which accounts are viewing content.

It’s not just Oracle. On average, PathFactory customers see a 3.6X increase in buyer engagement when they use content intelligence to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

One of PathFactory’s most sophisticated customers is the marketing team at Allocadia, which uses PathFactory’s Intelligent Content Platform to:

  • Identify top-performing content for each use case at each stage of their buyer’s journey
  • Hone in on what resonates best with their audience
  • Understand the best time to deploy the content for optimal pipeline acceleration
  • Give actionable content engagement data to the SDR team

Legacy marketing tools and systems just don’t have the capacity to effectively track, measure and analyze content engagement, nor adapt to shifting informational needs in real-time. During a recent B2B Visionaries discussion, Michael McLaren, Global CEO of Merkle B2B, likened traditional marketing to a rearview mirror: looking back to anticipate what’s ahead. Content intelligence, however, enables marketers to shift their vision forward. “Modern marketing will look through the windshield. We’re going to anticipate customer needs and wants, and meet them with the right materials, the right message, and the right content, at a point when it’s most useful and valuable to them. That shift is profound. It’s going to be technology enabled and completely dependent on quality data.”

Content intelligence will drive the next wave of digital transformation. It will be the deciding factor in whether businesses are left behind by B2B buyers — especially millennials.

PathFactory just released the first-ever content intelligence guide for B2B marketers. A collaboration with Merkle B2B, this ebook is filled with the actionable insights you need to understand how content intelligence works, how to use it to increase pipeline and revenue, and how to introduce it at your organization. Read the guide here.