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How The Grump Saved Q4: Happy Holidays From PathFactory

The Grump hated the holidays. He hated the whole season. Now, please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason.


Every marketer with a Whosin account liked the holiday season a lot.

But the Grump, who worked at Mt. Crumpit Corp., certainly did not!

The Grump hated the holidays. He hated the whole season.

Now, please, don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be the pressure of the end of Q4. It could be, perhaps, the stress of targets galore.

But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his ROI was two sizes too small.

Poor Grump felt defeated as he scrolled through his feed.

“How do other marketers boost revenue? This is unfair indeed!”

Then he got an idea. An awful idea. The Grump got a terrible, awful idea!

“I know just what to do,” the Grump laughed aloud. “I’ll make a whitepaper that’s sure to draw the crowds.”

“I’ll make the content so valuable, better than the norm.

“And anyone who wants to read it must fill out a form!”

The Grump was confident the leads would pour in. He sat at his desk, and waited and waited.

He did not recognize that same old mistake: most of his content was already gated.

So he huffed, he puffed, he scratched his head.

“Why is it so easy for others to win? Their funnels full of quality leads!”

Grump didn’t know where to begin. Then, like magic, his inbox went, “Ding!”

The Grump, filled with delight and surprise, his old workmate Connie Content appeared right before his eyes.

“How’s Q4 going my dear?” Connie Content cheerfully inquired.

“Rotten!” replied the Grump. “I can’t hit my targets as required.”

“Oh, I had that problem too,” Connie Content revealed.

“Content engagement was low. Important insights were concealed.”

“Whatever did you do?” the Grump asked, truly curious.

“If I don’t start producing results, my sales team and boss will be furious.”

“Fear not my grumpy friend,” Connie Content replied.

“I found the perfect solution. Better than all other tactics I’ve tried.”

Now the Grump was intrigued: “You must tell me. What could it be?”

“Well, it’s not a miracle. It’s PathFactory!

“You can soft gate content so you can give before you get.

“And deliver a buyer’s journey your prospects won’t forget.

“PathFactory’s data insights let you optimize like in your wildest dreams.

“And finally brings alignment to your sales and marketing teams.”

“Could this really be true?” The Grump must have missed the memo.

“You can see it for yourself. Get in touch for a demo!”

“Well, I’ve tried everything else,” Grump thought, “to almost no avail.

“My current marketing efforts haven’t led to even one sale.”

The Grump’s content flowed freely, meeting all his prospect’s needs.

Once PathFactory was implemented, Grump’s inbox exploded with leads.

And what happened then? On Whosin, they say, that the Grump’s ROI grew three sizes that day.

Happy Holidays from PathFactory!