PathFactory Use Case


Activating relevant content at the right time with a target audience to accelerate a buyer journey or drive retention/adoption.


What Is It?

These are newsletters emailed on a recurring basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to potential and existing customers to share company and industry news, updates, tips & tricks, and product-focused content. Typically these newsletters contain multiple links/CTAs.

Value Proposition

Newsletters deliver a lot of valuable information but it’s important to help your visitor easily discover more of your information, without expecting them to revisit the email to launch new content again and again. PathFactory allows the visitor to browse all assets/tracks from one common place, reducing friction and encouraging additional engagement. Certain MAPs can pull code from PathFactory to insert tracks directly into email templates. Engagement insights from PathFactory surface what content is best performing to inform future newsletter decisions and improve newsletter value and engagement. Adding engagement-based forms and CTAs to your newsletter also gives readers a convenient option to raise their hand, encouraging actions like demos, quotes, and conversations with sales.

Technical Lift: Light

Assets are bundled in tracks or are built into an Explore page. Instead of linking to a single asset in the newsletter email, marketing operations would include a PathFactory link.

Technical Lift: Moderate

Assets are bundled in tracks and built into a Microsite with feature sections for all of your content and news. Microsites require a developer/designer familiar with HTML and javascript coding. Marketing operations links to the Microsite from an email CTA.