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Stop Guessing, Start Growing: Win By Proving Content Marketing ROI

Are you getting the most out of your B2B content?

B2B marketing teams invest in content to grow audience engagement, nurture, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

But there’s a catch: creating content is only one piece of the puzzle.

Getting buyers to actually engage with your content requires B2B marketers to deliver the right content, to the right buyer, at the right time. And it’s not easy.

The result? B2B marketers are left guessing about what content to use and how to best deliver it to their buyers.

That’s why PathFactory is on a mission to help B2B marketers leverage content intelligence & personalization. We’ve helped  B2B marketing teams of all sizes:

  • Discover what content is working, so they don’t waste money creating content that isn’t.
  • Deliver content journeys personalized for individuals and accounts, increasing buyer engagement and revenue outcomes.
  • Identify and recommend the next-best content to serve automatically—not manually.

With the ability to do these three things, B2B marketers get deeper insight into the black box of their content, while proving the ROI of their content marketing efforts.

A squiggle that demonstrates how messy marketing can be without PathFactory.

Marketing is noisy—how can I break through?

The buying journey today is complicated. Just have a look at Gartner’s image demonstrating a typical B2B buyer’s journey.

Gartner's Buying Journey Image

Marketers are tasked with getting the right buyer, in front of the right content, at the right time—while they’re guessing about what content works. They’re guessing because they don’t have the right tools to tell them exactly what content to use and how to best deliver and sequence the content on the channels buyers prefer.

I can’t count how many frustrated marketers I’ve talked to over the years that just aren’t seeing ROI from their content marketing efforts, despite having fully-loaded tech stacks.

B2B martech stacks have limitations

Typical B2B marketing tech stacks contain a mix of marketing automation software, intent data providers, personalization tools, and standalone email tools.

But these solutions fail to provide content insights that allow marketers to:

  • Determine what content to create and distribute
  • Understand how content is leveraged across individual and account level buyer journeys
  • Pick the right content to deliver to individual buyers across all channels

Given the most successful marketing approaches are, in its simplest form, built around distributing the right content, at the right time, to the right person, this gap needed to be addressed.

You already have a CRM and a MAP, and to be clear: PathFactory doesn’t replace these tools, but enhances them by providing deeper content analytics that you simply can’t get from these tools on their own.

Metrics like time on topics, engagement by buyer and buying group, plus data around how your content connects to revenue help marketers deliver tailored experiences that provide the right content to individual buyers when and where they need it.

With content intelligence you’ll start getting the most out of your existing marketing investments.

A visual representation of what PathFactory adds to a traditional marketing tech stack.

It’s time to stop guessing

Counting form fills, PDF downloads, and MQLs isn’t the end goal any longer. B2B marketers need content engagement data that tells them exactly what buyers are interested in, plus they need the ability to automate and scale the distribution of the right content to those individual interests.

PathFactory could be the missing piece you’ve been looking for. We’re a low-code way to add the industry’s most-detailed  content analytics to your martech stack—all with the help of genAI.

Join other B2B marketers using PathFactory’s content intelligence & personalization platform to increase buyer engagement, accelerate deals, and close more revenue.

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