PathFactory Use Case

Website Conversions

Increase leads and engagement by getting more visitors to take action more quickly on your website.

Resource Center

What Is It?

A repository of marketing assets (ebooks, case studies, etc.) that appears on your website to inform your visitors.

Value Proposition

Typically resource centers are just a list of assets with the newest asset always at the top. With PathFactory, audiences can filter your assets by topic, funnel stage, content type, business unit, persona, industry and/or language to find exactly what they are looking for more easily and quickly. They can also use a search function as well. We can also recommend the next-best relevant asset in the journey based on what the visitor is currently consuming. These resources centers are easy to manage with content tags and can be designed to match your branding. Marketers can use resource centers to surface best-performing and impactful content to speed velocity and remove digital experience friction. High performing assets, or newly added content, can also be easily featured at the top of your PathFactory resource centers.

Resource centers can be implemented in different ways depending on your requirements.

Technical Lift: Light

Leveraging the current website, we enhance the existing resource center by replacing links to single assets so they lead to a content track. When new assets are added, the web team will need to ensure that a PathFactory track is linked behind the new content.

Technical Lift: Medium

Your own website header/footer is added to a PathFactory Explore page and this experience is embedded on the website. Support from your digital/web team is required to achieve the addition of the header/footer. New assets are added in PathFactory and automatically reflected on the webpage.

Technical Lift: Heavy

Create a customized Microsite (HTML/coding knowledge required) and embed the page into the website. When new assets are added in PathFactory, they are automatically reflected on the webpage.