From Audience to Attribution

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Lock eyes with your customer.

And leverage CXA (customer experience automation) to connect and accelerate your B2B funnel.

Creating hyper-relevant content for your audiences still matters and delivering that content at the right place and time is more important than ever. This isn’t new.

As marketers, our holy grail has been attribution – connecting marketing efforts to actual dollars spent. In the recent past, the industry has recognized this and made incremental gains in attribution. But, particularly at the enterprise level, the complexity of integrations and distributed data creates almost infinite headaches. Creating audience-driven content, delivering rich customer experiences and delivering on attribution data is elevating marketing within our client organizations.

Content Attribution is a win for us all.

PathFactory has advanced attribution more than any other vendor we’ve seen and recognizes the benefits of shared industry-vision. They work closely with partners like us to solve some of our toughest, real-world marketing problems.

Sabrina Herring
COO, SVP Strategy – Well Planned Web


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Audience-Focused Content

For 14 years, we’ve been producing industry-leading buyer profiles that lead to hyper-relevant content that “locks eyes” with your customers.

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Customer Experiences

Traditional content distribution still has its place. But self-serve customer experiences that deliver on-demand, educational experiences lead to accelerated pipeline and higher purchasing rates.

Marketing Attribution

Every client wants marketing ROI. PathFactory’s growing integration library is putting true attribution within reach.