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The Ultimate Guide To Always-On Nurturing

At the start of a new back-to-school season, it’s a great time to think about how marketers educate and nurture their prospects today and to take a quick refresher course at “Nurture U.” Given the typically low response rates and conversions for most lead nurture programs, marketers need to consider whether they’d give their own program a passing grade. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to nurturing in the new era of content engagement.

No one owes you attention: It has to be earned. Nowhere is this more true than in marketing. As a B2B marketer, it’s hard enough to get someone’s attention, but it’s even harder to hold on to that attention and convert it into real engagement with your content.

According to Statistic Brain, the average attention span in 2015 is 8.25 seconds – slightly shorter than a goldfish.

Our collective attention deficit has created a monumental challenge for marketers.

Today marketers are producing an incredible volume of content at a staggering pace. But more often than not, this content falls on deaf ears: Our prospects are busier and more distracted then ever before and the moments when we have someone’s undivided attention are incredibly rare. How can marketers do more with every moment of attention they generate?

To help demand gen marketers meet the attention challenge head-on, our new eBook includes research, insights and recommendations for how you can increase content engagement – and in turn fuel your funnel and drive revenue – with “always-on” nurturing.

“Always-on nurturing is a next generation content engagement strategy that accelerates the path to purchase by converting attention into deeper engagement with your content. Instead of leaving prospects at the whim of the marketer’s arbitrary schedule, always-on nurturing empowers prospects to ‘self-nurture’ on their own timeline.”

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover in our new eBook:

  • Attention is at a premium – How to make the most of it while you’ve got it.
  • Engaged prospects will binge on your content – if you let them.
  • Why marketers are moving from one-and-done scheduled campaigns to behavior-driven, “always-on” marketing.
  • Take an omni-channel approach to deliver a consistent and optimized content experience wherever your buyer clicks.
  • Use real content engagement data (instead of proxies) to deliver personalized content experiences and track what’s really working.
  • Identify & accelerate engaged prospects using new content engagement metrics that show exactly how much and how long people are reading and watching.

Want to know what the changing nature of content consumption, both in our professional and personal lives, means for marketers? Spend some quality time with our exclusive new always-on marketer’s guide for tips on how to take your nurture strategy from Nurturing 101 to the Marketing Honor’s Roll.

Read the eBook now and get schooled on always-on nurturing!